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Piezo RockmanNew improved modification of my patchErnie Denov 03-Feb-2003
Dirt & Dirtier III decided that myErnie Denov 03-Feb-2003
Jazz Box Neck PUAn attempt to make the single coil neck pu of a strat type guitar sound like a hollowbody archtop. Use the Rat in stomp 2 and the chorus in Modulation to get a John Scofield in the 80s kind of sound.Ernie Denov 03-Feb-2003
XT Doublverb ClnAZ’s POD XT file converted to Vetta, first tryout, maybe you all could tweak it further. I used an Fender Strat with Lace sensors. Tell me or the forum about what’s missin’. I used the sine chorus twice. Maybe it’s a bit too much but it gives the crisp high which is also on the MP3 (AZ site)Hans Ligtenberg 12-Jan-2003
Fuel/Carl BellThis patch duplicates the guitar tone as heard on Fuel’s Something Like Human album and specifically the songs Last Time, Empty Spaces and Down. Carl Bell uses Hughes & Kettner Triamp MKII heads and I was able to duplicate the meaty sound of this head using two Bogner Uberschalls and a 4 band EQ for the main amp sound. Ther’s a slight modulation to flesh out the tone in stomp box # 2 which always stays on however the trick to copping his tone here was to route the modulation only so it feeds amp # 1 whereas amp # 2 doesn’t see this. Very transparent delay, a touch of Reverb, Gate and Compressor to tighten it up and there you have it!! At first, I tried to form this patch with my PRS Tremonti Model and it sounded stellar, however just for kicks, I tried my Hamer Chapperall loaded with a Duncan 59’bridge h/b and it worked as well, though it was a cleaner pickup than the Tremonti. One thing to keep in mind here is when you use this patch I left it up to you to decide exactly how much more bottom you want to add in depending on the guitar you use and you do this right from the global Bass knob. I noticed that with the Tremonti I could leave it flat it 12:00 or come up to 12:30 in position but with the Hamer, I had to bring it up to between 2:00 and 3:00 to compensate for the fact that the strat style Hamer loses the bass timbre to the almighty Tremonti Les Paul style Singlecut!! Enjoy this patch!! It’s the closest I’ll probably ever get to duplicating the meaty drive of an H&K; Triamp MKII!! You need a Humbucker in the bridge to cop this tone and it really falls from either one end of the spectrum to the other. Either a Hot Humbucker orsomething like a Duncan 59 both in the bridge!! Have fun with it and feel free to e-mail me with your comments!Doug Bryan 05-Jan-2003
Pridey’s RockmanReminds me of the original Rockman headphone/practice amp. Engage stomp 1 to get the distortion 2 setting.Ernie Denov 04-Jan-2003
Budda/Silver 2CCombination of Budda and Silver 2 x 12’s optimized for closed ext cab It kinda grew on me, so I thugh I’d share. Use for a little blues or rythem Lead, kick in stmpbx 1 Amp1 is a bit dark Amp2 is bright 2 amps together blend nicely Let me know what you thinkHans Ligtenberg 02-Jan-2003
Zakk Wylde DistTo me, this sounds like Zakk when he was using the Metaltronix Lee Jackson Amp Heads when he first started with Ozzy and did Miracle Man. It somewhat reminds me of a bit of his tone on No More Tears as well. Yes again it’s a bit big on the Reverb but that’s just how I hear it!! I formed this with my PRS Tremonti Model and used the bridge humbucker for the whole formation. I don’t know how it would sound with a single coil but I love it with the Tremonti. Another keeper for me!! Lots of drive, lots of sustain and pretty warm sounding without having the razor blades being chucked at your ear syndrome!!Doug Bryan 02-Jan-2003
Neil FunkPunchy funk sound, jangly too. Use the stomp1 for tubescreamer. 30-Dec-2002
Neil MetalHeavy but articulate metal patch…Amp2 is Bogner Uberschall, no listing for that on this form… 30-Dec-2002